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Locally world famous. The imonation twitter has constant updates on the fashion industry and shares opinions. Only account you really need to follow. - I
Imonation | the beginning of an online fashion bible
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Welcome to Imonation



The place where fashion meets thought






What is Imonation?


Imonation believes that there is more to fashion than what meets the eye. It believes in seeing past what you see. We do this is by questioning the system and delving into the true meaning of fashion. What are we? That’s simple. The past, present and future of fashion.








Latest Posts

  • Demna Gvasalia: Fashion’s Wild Child

    Demna Gvasalia was born in Georgia in 1981. He attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, which he graduated in 2006 from. He landed in Maison Martin Margiela, where he studied for three years and...

  • The fabric of kings

    Peru. The home of the most expensive wool in the world. The national animal of this South American country is the vicuña, a relative of the llama and an ancestor of the alpacas.  The amount of wool they pr...

  • The rise of Gisele

    Currently the search for new model talent has hit the accelerator with new faces being promoted at a rapidpace. Longevity is becoming rare. But even with this and the change of times, the “supers” are stil...

  • What happened to the rebels of fashion?

    We live in an era that is fixated with social media. We go to lunch; we take a picture and share it on Instagram. We have an opinion, we tweet it. We are living in a time of constant social bombardment. No...




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