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Welcome to Imonation



The place where fashion meets thought






What is Imonation?


Imonation believes that there is more to fashion than what meets the eye. It believes in seeing past what you see. We do this is by questioning the system and delving into the true meaning of fashion. What are we? That’s simple. The past, present and future of fashion.








Latest Posts

  • The rise of Copenhagen’s fashion scene

    Behind the big four fashion cities lies the Danish capital earning a reputation beyond its historic landmarks. Copenhagen’s fashion scene has grown a following through Instagram, proving itself to be the l...

  • NYFW SS19 Highlights

    Half a century on, Ralph Lauren has risen to the top and maintained its position as a fashion front player. This spring/ summer 2019 season celebrated not just the brand, but Mr Ralph Lauren’s fashion lega...

  • The Unlikely Relationship of Fashion and Politics

    The widespread media coverage during fashion week that transcends newspapers and magazines to social media has shone a light on the underrepresentation of minority groups on the runway. Equal pay is slowly...

  • Bailey Bows Down

    2001. Haymarket, London. The then- CEO Rose Marie Bravo hired the 29-year-old scruffy haired boy from Yorkshire as design director. He just had merely 4 assistants to help him. Grew up in Halifax, the area...




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