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25 Jul The Unlikely Relationship of Fashion and Politics

The widespread media coverage during fashion week that transcends newspapers and magazines to social media has shone a light on the underrepresentation of minority groups on the runway. Equal pay is slowly rising, but so should equal representation. Fashion and politics: two words that are rarely...

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18 Mar Bailey Bows Down

2001. Haymarket, London. The then- CEO Rose Marie Bravo hired the 29-year-old scruffy haired boy from Yorkshire as design director. He just had merely 4 assistants to help him. Grew up in Halifax, the area where the iconic Burberry trenches were manufactured and purchased his first...

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13 Sep The ugly truth of Fast Fashion

Let’s start by stating the obvious. Fast fashion is cheap for a reason.   Now here are some facts that may not be so obvious. This specific side to the fashion industry is designed to make you, the consumer, feel out of trend merely a week after...

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23 Jul Are feminism and fashion compatible?

Women have been struggling with equality for hundreds of years, and we are finally coming to a stage where this phenomenon of inequality has finally started to decrease and is not the outrage that is used to be. However, the world is still run by...

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09 Apr Stop focusing on the wrong models

It’s sad how many of us are completely captivated by the models who have not worked for their achievements. There are a few models out there today that due to their family, last name or financial status, are handed over jobs, editorials and appearances by...

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