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Imonation | Kendall for Mango
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15 Jan Kendall for Mango

Kendall Jenner has become the new face of Mango, following in the steps of Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr. She features in the brand’s new line Tribal Spirit; the clothes have a variety neutral colours, patterns and textures with tribal references. Now, Kendall may be currently the most wanted model of the time due to her huge following and the attention she draws to brands, but with the theme of the collection being ‘Tribal Spirit’ would it not be MORE appropriate to actually use a racially ethnic model instead of a white one, as you are portraying African Prairie inspired clothes? Furthermore, the brand has said to be inspired by Africa, yet they must have failed to have paid any attention during school as Africa is not a country yet a widespread continent with diverse cultures in their 54 different countries. The company believed that she was the best model to embody in this collection but I am not entirely convinced by this statement, or the campaign. It’s sad to see how unbalanced this industry is in the slow progression of racial diversity, especially when brands use cultural appropriation in collections.

– I

Photo is a screenshot from video above, courtesy of Mango

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