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“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this known as Fashion Week” – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

Rihanna continued her domination with German sportswear company, Puma with her collection for Autumn/ Winter 2016. With Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 being less than 24 hours beforehand you would have thought that would have muted her success, but quite the opposite happened. An impressive array of models stomped down a runway of mirrors wearing transparent tops, fur coats, sweat pants, garters and long slashed dresses; often with Japanese symbols printed upon the clothing. It felt like a sister collection to Hood by Air with the implementation of Rihanna’s personal style.

Fenty X Puma Fashion Show

The riot of the eighties meets the punk, rebellious modern day girl in the Alexander Wang collection. The clothes were a mix of soft with hard, tweed mini dresses, mohair jumpers and lace tops with a mix of silver hardware, chokers and chunky earrings. Boots came thick soled with large metal cap toes or heeled with bubbled metal in a variety of fabrics from suede to leather. Wang’s girls were not defined as angels, with large slogans and marijuana themes slashed across the clothing. The collection has the ability to go out partying with or throwing a large blazer over and strutting into work with. Wang’s sole focus is on his eponymous label creating clothing for his forever young audience.

Lady Gaga’s ever talented stylist, Brandon Maxwell hit up New York Fashion Week for the second time. The man redefined evening-wear with a minimal black and hardly white collection that oozed classiness. Silhouettes were sharp with defining sculptural details on the feminine figure. The collection was a clever combination of ostentatious upper class attire with the modernism of today’s fashion, from cuffed skinny trousers, off the shoulder jumpsuits and petal shaped bodice tops.


Who would have ever thought two designers would have created a collection loosely inspired by ‘The Godfather’ series? Rodarte combined long fur coats of bold colour, laced trousers, sequinned collars, leather coats and veiled white laced dresses. From the goth princess vibes to the the walking dead bride theme, the Rodarte sisters cleverly combined the good with the bad in their Autumn/ Winter collection.

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