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Imonation | Is originality non-existent?
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14 Jan Is originality non-existent?

The biggest and most luxurious fashion houses in the world create a form of art known as fashion. Each fashion house has a unique take on items of clothing whether it’s the use of colour, technique, materials or cut, which have become the foundation of all their collections. The uniqueness that each of the houses grasps gives them that edge and beauty against everyone else, however high street brands have copied the exclusive runway collections to make a more affordable version for the everyday buyer. These designers work hard to create something new, but that originality gets slashed into many forms in many shops. Whether it’s the newest Acne coat, the Fendi fur key ring or the classic Chanel flapbag we are all able to buy a cheap knockoff, however this dents the basis of the exclusiveness of the high end brands. If we could all buy the stuff on the runway it wouldn’t be as desirable. This shows you how rampant the copying of exclusive designers to high street has become. However, it is not just the high street brands lacking originality but the creative directors of a few of the elite top brands who have been convicted of copying the designs of smaller, lesser known companies. Furthermore, brands have been seen to reincarnate their previous designs for the current runway shows. Though this may seem as a minor problem in the overly chaotic world of fashion, the few that get chosen as Head Designers should be able to create new content for their buyer and the common observer without recycling the past. Maybe fashion has started to lack the sparkle it had 10 years ago due to the uniqueness wearing off, but can the new string of creative director’s implement their stamp on upcoming collections? And will high-street brands ever create something completely original, or will it be an endless spiral of copying the latest runway trend?

– I

Photo via ELLE – Stella McCartney sues Steve Madden for copying her iconic bag design.

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