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Imonation | Stop focusing on the wrong models
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09 Apr Stop focusing on the wrong models

It’s sad how many of us are completely captivated by the models who have not worked for their achievements. There are a few models out there today that due to their family, last name or financial status, are handed over jobs, editorials and appearances by brands without having to lift a finger. The press and magazines worship these models, yet they haven’t actually achieved anything on their own. The newspapers focus on all the wrong models, and forget to give the attention to the models who have achieved something great. None of us heard about Lineisy Montero being the first black model to walk for Prada since Jourdan Dunn in 2013, making the brand a frontrunner in achieving racial diversity in the fashion world, nor did the world celebrate Neelam Gill being the first Indian model to be the face of Burberry but the world goes mental when they see the so-called Instagram ‘stars’ post a new picture of themselves backstage at a shoot they didn’t work for.

It’s frustrating watching how some socialites wake up one day and decide that they want to become a model or designer, while there are thousands of men and women with better walks, more talent and years of experience who push themselves daily to try and catch a break, while struggling to pay rent for an apartment that they share with 5 similar individuals, yet these girls and boys continually become more famous and richer through work that they have not earned, though they do not have an ounce of talent in their bodies.

Photo by Burberry

Photo by Burberry

Continually focusing on the same models is like going to the Lourve and only looking at the Mona Lisa, yet you are forgetting that there are so many other beautiful pieces of art around you that are achievements to artists. The media wants us to have an open-mind, society urges us to accept and celebrate all individuals and their achievements, and we oblige willingly, yet in the fashion world we are blinded by the darkness yet there is light. Stop focusing on the models who are covering your magazines so they can sell more copies, focus on the models who are changing the world one step at a time. Stop putting people on a pedestal that they don’t deserve.


– I

Top Image by Prada 

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