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25 Jul The Unlikely Relationship of Fashion and Politics

The widespread media coverage during fashion week that transcends newspapers and magazines to social media has shone a light on the underrepresentation of minority groups on the runway. Equal pay is slowly rising, but so should equal representation. Fashion and politics: two words that are rarely...

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20 Aug The Rihanna Effect

Whether she’s on your playlist or on the cover of your magazine, Rihanna’s whirlwind of success over the past decade has branched further than the charts. In the recent years she has taken the fashion industry by storm, and earned her place on the boards...

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26 Oct Raf Simons Leaves Dior

Raf Simons has confirmed he is leaving Dior. It was rumoured that he was leaving the French fashion house for a couple of weeks to put all his time and effort into his own eponymous label. Raf’s contract is coming to an end within the...

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