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Imonation | The rise of Copenhagen’s fashion scene
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29 Apr The rise of Copenhagen’s fashion scene

Behind the big four fashion cities lies the Danish capital earning a reputation beyond its historic landmarks. Copenhagen’s fashion scene has grown a following through Instagram, proving itself to be the latest hub for creatives. Through the power of social media, all eyes have turned to this city creating a path for the international market to swarm in. The attention is not just on these Scandinavian designers but their ‘it’ girls on social media.

The framework of Denmark has enabled both new and old creatives to blossom through creating an interdisciplinary environment. Originally known for its furniture and more recently its Nordic noir TV series’, has gained the attention of the international fashion lovers. According to Dankmark Statistik, in 2016, the fashion industry became the country’s fourth largest exporter; accumulating £3.2 billion worth of exports, cementing its design aesthetic as the new must have.

Emma Rosenzweig by Ana Kraš for Ganni SS19 Campaign

In 2009, husband-and-wife Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup acquired Ganni, a brand born nine years prior by ‘an art connoisseur and gallery owner’. Stepping into this cashmere focused brand, the pair changed the creative vision to become an accessible luxury fashion label. Ditte, Ganni’s Creative Director, began to design womenswear that she wanted to wear, clothes that she knew those around her would buy. This simple mind-set has catapulted the Dutch brand into 400 stockists and created numerous fashion must-haves seen on both editors and teenagers. Today Ganni stands strong with a brand identity that is the perfect cocktail between the country’s practical way of life with a splash of classic femininity. Baggy dresses, frills, denim and sturdy outerwear has given the global customer a chance to emulate the Copenhagen ‘it’ girl that this brand has shown a light on.

Louise Pedersen by Casper Wackerhausen-Sejersen for Saks Potts Collection 8

Both eccentric and elegant, Saks Potts has entered the fashion scene making heads turn. The Copenhagen based label was founded in 2013 by best friends Barbara Potts and Catherine Saks – they were 19 years old when they set the brand up! In the past six years, the brand has grown in intense popularity with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Princess Olympia of Greece and Lady Gaga wear their famous ‘foxy’ coat. Not to mention, their glitter t-shirt pant co-ord has been adorned by many of the Kardashians boosting this brand onto an international level.

With the scope of Instagram influencers continually growing on social media, the Copenhagen ‘it’ girls are standing out. Our eyes are less glued on perfection, but rather the laid-back style of these girls is growing in popularity. Bright colours, patterns and layering is creating a new style straying away from the subtle monotone style that many wear. Make-up is applied minimally with an aim to strive for natural beauty and glow – let the clothes do the talking.

Emili Sindlev and Thora Valdimarsdottir by Style Du Monde

Not only is their creative outlook on fashion one to watch, their attitude in terms of sustainability and environmental impact is one the big four should look into. Copenhagen Fashion Week has launched a new initiative that will ensure that the brands who show on this platform meet the criteria that they have set out. There are 17 standards that must be met within three years otherwise they will be pulled from the schedule – for example, brands are not allowed to dump unsold clothes and for at least half of their new collection they must use organic or recycled materials. Leading the way in owning accountability for the pollution that the fashion industry produces is a commendable plan.

Copenhagen has brought a wild, slightly more innocent romantic side to fashion. This new hub is not playing to a stereotype, the roads are paved with individuality. It’s less about minimalism for the Dutch, it’s about colour and fun – a combination earning them a place as a future fashion leader.

– I

Notable brands that show at Copenhagen Fashion Week: Baum und Pferdgarten, Cecilie Bahnsen, Holzweiler, STAND STUDIO, Rotate Birger Christensen and Stine Goya.

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