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Imonation | Working in Fashion – Fashion Stylist
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30 Jan Working in Fashion – Fashion Stylist

Upon opening a magazine, we are thrown into the vast pit of brand ad campaigns. It all seems so effortless, these beautiful models wearing exquisite clothes, however there is a huge team behind the scenes that makes the appeal and desire by readers and passers-by all possible. With an ever-growing industry, jobs are constantly being made but one role that is highly sought after is to be a fashion stylist. Here a few tips for those wanting to work in the styling world:

  1. Experience is key

Internships and work experiences are the best place to start; whether it’s a fashion house or agencies. Be open to do anything and everything, and really get stuck in as you may not have the opportunity to do so elsewhere. Experience improves your credibility as well as allowing you to build a book of contacts and gives you first hand work with clothes and accessories. Be prepared to work hard and for free, experience is much more valuable than money.

  1. Research, Research & Research

Fashion is an ever-changing industry that lives in the fast lane. One day prints may be in, the next they are the biggest fashion ‘fopa’. You will need to know the in’s and out’s of fashion like you know your abc’s. A key piece of knowledge is knowing past collections from all designers, from the iconic Mondrian collection by YSL to the latest Chanel collection. It is imperative to understand the technicalities of the craftsmanship of clothes and their origins if you want fashion to not just make an impact but be significant.

  1. Inspiration & Visions

Start to collate images that you like or are inspired by into books or folders. Images are invaluable throughout your career, from pitching new ideas to showing clients your vision. You need to be able to stand out, have your own take on clothes, music and art. To truly become a good fashion stylist, you need to read books, educate yourself and go explore, as you will need to be able to capture a moment in an outfit.

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Photo by The Devil Wears Prada Facebook Page 

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